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>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hi all!

Sorry for the delayed posting, Christmas has swamped me. We leave tomorrow for Texas to see that darling grandson. We'll be gone through Sunday the 20th. Then Mike leaves Wednesday, December 23 to drive up to see his dad who is ill for Christmas. He will drive back home on Christmas day. I have dog duty (staying home with four-legged family). So, we'll celebrate late Christmas day.

Enough of that, thought you all would like some Quilting facts to make life easier. Hope it's helpful.
Merry Christmas to each one of you.



1/16 yard = 2.25" x width of fabric (WOF)
1/8 yard = 4.5" x WOF
5/16 yard = 11.25" x WOF
3/8 yard = 13.50" x WOF
7/16 yard = 15.75" x WOF
1/4 yard = 9" x WOF
1/2 yard = 18" x WOF
9/16 yard = 20.25" x WOF
5/8 yard = 22.50" x WOF
11/16 yard = 24.75 x WOF
3/4 yard = 27" x WOF
3/16 yard = 29.25" x WOF
7/8 yard = 31.50" x WOF
15/16 yard = 33.75" x WOF
1 yard = 36" x WOF


1/4 yard
  • 1 Fat quarter (18" x 11") 
  • 8 charm squares (5x5)

1/2 yard
  • 1 charm pack 35-40 (5x5" squares)
  • 1 turnover contains 80 triangles (40 squares). Two joined makes a 5" square

2.75 yards 
  • One layer cake (40 10"x10" squares) 
  • 1 jelly roll contains 40-42 strips (2.5" x width of fabric-about 42")
1 Honey bun contains 40-42 strips (1.5" width)
1 Jelly cake contains 1 layer cake and one jelly roll 
1 Charming Jelly Cake contains one layer cake, one jelly roll and one charm pack


Lap Quilts: 36"x36" for a child up to 40"x60" for an adult lap quilt to nap

Table Toppers: Based on your table
Square card table size of 36"x36": 36"x36" table topper

Dining table size of 42"x54": 13"x48" table topper
Bed quilts: Questions to ask yourself...
  • Will your quilt fit on top of the bed or hang down?
  • How thick is the mattress? (Standard mattresses are 8-12" thick, but newer pillow tops can be up to 20" thick)
  • Will the quilt sweep the floor like a bedspread?
  • Do you need to cover pillows?
  • How deep are the pillows?
  • Is there a central design (ie medallion or pattern) that needs to be in the center?
Quilting shrinks the size of the quilt. The more densely you quilt, the more it will shrink. Add up to 5% in both width and length.

US Mattress Sizes:
Crib 28"x52"
Cot 30"x75"
Twin 39"x75"
Double 54"x74.5"
Queen 60"x80"
King 76"x80"
California King 72"x84"


Gift Idea

>> Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good Morning!

Do you have someone on your gift list that you have no idea what to get them?

Here's an idea:

It's a framed Scrabble board. It's very personal and fun to make.

Here's how:

  1. Make a word list of important places, people, experiences, inside jokes, pets etc
  2. Using a scrabble board, lay out the words in a pattern. Start with the longest word and build from there
  3. When you're pleased with the arrangement, glue down wood pieces with white school glue (it doesn't have any gasses and won't fog up the glass frame later).
  4. You can have it professionally framed or put in in a premade frame.
  5. Wrap and prepare for a thrilled recipient!

The first framed board was a gift to my husband for our anniversary and the second one was a board we made for his dear, sweet grandmother. When she passed away, we got it back. We've given these to our parents and friends and they are much loved.

Hope you enjoy making and giving this gift.

Have a nice day!


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