Hex's-Cheaper Than Therapy!

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

I've been a busy girl here in beautiful Florida. I've done some applique...

But mostly I've been consumed by hexagons! I like a tidy work area (well, I try...) so I have the hex materials in a wood drawer insert.

This is how I make fast work of hex's:

  1. I have eight different fabric half yards of fabric from Rouenneries by French General.
  2. Cut each half yard into 3" strips x WOF
  3. Cut these strips into 3x3" squares
  4. Using the AccuQuilt "Go" 2" hexagon cutter, place 4-6 squares on template and cut. (If you don't have the AccuQuilt, cut hex's by hand)
  5. I used die cut Paper Pieces for the templates. The paper pieces are 1" hexagons (hexagons sizes are determined by measuring the length of one side). I find ordering the paper pieces is better for me. They're cheap and very accurate. Besides, I'd rather be sewing!
Place the paper template on the wrong side of the fabric hex. You don't need to pin, just hold firmly. 

Fold over one side with your right thumb (if you're right handed)

    Using your left pointing finger, going counter-clockwise, fold over the next side

      You now have a little corner. Using a sturdy thread (it won't show-I use Coats Dual Duty Hand Quilting thread) sew the two corner edges together

        Sew them once more

          Going counter-clockwise again, fold over sides with thumb and pointy finger and sew twice.

            Go all around the hex until you sew the last corner. Go once more to the first corner and sew once

              Knot and cut end. I like to press both sides to set in the edges. Makes sewing together easier.

                I hope that is clear and helpful. This way you don't sew through the paper pieces so you can reuse them indefinitely. It's also easier on your fingers and needle. The sewing is quite fast, I timed myself and I can do one in 45 seconds.

                Next installment, sewing the hex's together.

                Have a wonderful day!


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