Revenge of the Peanut M&M's

>> Friday, February 26, 2010


Now isn't this a pitiful face? 
Well, don't have too much sympathy because this sweet, darling dog got into my M&M stash (a 30 oz bag!!!) when I stepped out of the room to answer the door. When I returned there wasn't a candy left! I called the vet and the only remedy was to make Dallas vomit by pouring lots of hydrogen peroxide down his throat. So we did. And he did. He was so sweet not running away and just swallowing that stuff. He just trusted me. Wish I was the person my dogs think I am!

On to quilting...My husband's family is coming to Sarasota for a family reunion in June. Of course that makes me look at everything in a different light. "Is it really clean?", "Is it time to retire that item?" etc. I actually had a charity come to pick up an old couch Monday and they rejected it saying it was "too worn". Geez, how embarrassing! It's too worn for charity but was good enough for us last week! 

So I'm doing major spring cleaning, gardening and sewing. Mainly making a new queen quilt for the guest bed. It's this pattern from Moda Bakeshop and Rosyln Mirrington of Bloom

Her pattern is for 66.5"x90.5" quilt. I've enlarged it to a 90"x90" queen (it will go down the sides of a deep mattress). I'm making 36 blocks (6x6). It's very easy to make and rewarding. I've made a new friend that has a long arm machine and she's going to teach me how to use it on this quilt. This will be the biggest quilt I've made and I don't want to try stuffing it on my home machine.

I am using "Verna" fabric line by Kate Spain.

I'm also reading Jinny Beyer's book on hand quilting called "Quilting by Hand". It's the best book I've read for hand piecing and quilting. I've also ordered her CD "Quiltmaking by Hand" and I'm eagerly awaiting the UPS man!  

Well, off to replace my candy stash...Have a great day.


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