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>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi folks.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been "computer challenged" and having difficulty downloading photos from my camera. Finally got lucky and it worked.

I've been dabbling in wool applique. I needed a break from needle-turn applique and wanted to experiment and play.

Here are my latest creations. They are 5"x5" and taken from patterns by Piece of Cake designs. I am using white wool for background and regular sewing thread for the embroidery. I used a running stitch around the petals, blanket stitch around the leaves and a backstitch on the stems.

This second one is only partially completed. I used variegated #8 Finca thread in a straight stitch to accentuate the green points and sewing thread as a blanket stitch around the petals and the backstitch on the leaves.  I have played around with all types of threads and stitches. Wool, fortunately, is very forgiving. I've just had a blast experimenting. Perhaps I should call my sewing room "Lab"!

We are escaping the miserable heat here in Florida by driving to North Carolina with the three dogs. Should be an interesting trip. Our beagle damaged her left knee this last weekend (did you know dogs have knees?!) and will need surgery when we return. Meanwhile she is getting along fine on three legs and pain meds. The vet wasn't concerned about delaying the surgery while we're gone. So, she will get the front seat, next to my husband and I will sit in the back seat with the two goldens. What a sight! LOL!

We are borrowing a friend's condo in Sugar Mountain NC. I'm really looking forward to spending time outdoors in cool weather. There is no TV or computer connection so we will be "back to basics". I have packed lots of applique kits to keep me out of trouble. Here they are, more wool applique with threads and buttons.

I am also packing some supplies:

Needles (I prefer threading them through small plastic canvas squares and stapling them on an index card with identification. I also have a stitch chart of possible stitches to try on the applique (in black)

I would be lost without my trusty light. This is a great item to have. You can get it here for $12.95. I wear it around my neck and it has a strong light you can angle towards your work.

Now for some eye candy. I'm also packing some extras:

Aren't these beautiful?

I won't be blogging for about two weeks, until I return to Florida. Take care of yourself!


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