Laundry Day Face Lift

>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In a previous post I showed you photos of a small applique I made for my laundry room. The more I studied it the more I was dissatisfied with it. The stitches weren't perfect, the background blah, the patterns for the dress were not fussy-cut the best possible way. (no, I'm not getting help for OCT!). So, I scrapped the first one and started over. As my mom used to say "A job worth doing is worth doing well".

Introducing Laundry Day, Version 2. Final Version I promise!

I completed the quilting using wool batting. I stippled the background and then came in and carefully outlined each dress which caused them to puff out quite nicely. The stitching is now invisible and you can see in the blue dress close up I added a few beads for bling. My only dissatisfaction is my choice of thread color for the clothesline. It disappears in the background. I think I'd chose brown next time. However, this color is 100% better than the teal blue I used in the first project. I used regular 60 weight thread versus ribbon thread.

I'm glad I took the effort to redo this project. I am proud of it now and look forward to casually pointing it out. (with great modesty-of course!) LOL

Have a great day.


Frances B.,  May 14, 2010 at 10:46 AM  

Cute quilt, Melanie. And your re-do was a definite improvement.

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