Another Quilt Finished!

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Good Morning!

Presenting my "Bow-Tie" lap quilt. It's red, white and blue with stippling. I love it. I feel my stippling is improving with each project I quilt. I'm in a church quilt group and I'll be quilting all the quilts we make because no one else is comfortable quilting. I love it and it will give me more practice time and hopefully my skills will improve.

This lap quilt was made for me! I felt it was time to make something for myself and there's nothing nicer than cuddlying up to read with a lap quilt! I have it on my wicker rocker and now I realize I'm going to need to make a new cushion to go with the quilt! LOL! Guess I'll have to go buy some more fabric. Rats!

I've joined the Christmas Ornament Swap (see sidebar). Check it out, you have until November 1st to sign up.

We've made reservations to visit our grandson the week before Christmas. We haven't seen him since he was born, six months ago! He's changed so much!

Have a great weekend!


an encourager November 1, 2009 at 12:25 AM  

How cute! I've never seen a bow tie in the center like that. So fun!

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